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Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ crosses billion-dollar mark in less than 3 weeks



Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ has crossed the billion-dollar mark after less than 3 weeks in theaters.

The Lion King

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the live-action remake of the 1994 movie features Beyonce, Donald Glover and Chiwetel Ejiofor in lead roles.

The movie joins ‘Avengers: Endgame’, ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Aladdin’ as the fourth Disney title to surpass one billion dollars in global ticket sales in 2019.

With its blockbuster slate, Disney has nearly 38 percent of the domestic market share, a cut that increases to more than 40 percent when Fox, which it just purchased, is added.

‘The Lion King’ earned 361 million dollars at the domestic box office and 638 million dollars overseas.

Outside of North America, it had especially strong showings in China with 115 million dollars, along with the United Kingdom with 48 million dollars and Brazil with 44 million dollars.

The movie also stars Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen as Timon and Pumbaa. James Earl Jones reprised his role as Mufasa from the original animated film.

The milestone comes on the heels of another Disney benchmark. Between July 26 and July 28, the company set a new all-time record for global ticket sales for a single studio.

Disney hit 7.67 billion dollars worldwide, smashing the mark it previously set in 2016 with 7.61 billion dollars.

Disney set a new record in 2016 with four films that grossed over 1 billion dollars. In the coming months, Disney will release ‘Frozen 2′, a ‘Maleficent’ sequel and ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’.

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Movies Review

Spoiler: 6 reasons seeing Venom is a waste of time



For many reasons, the Sony Movie Venom was a complete letdown, a disaster, a Marvel nightmare and barely worthy of two stars. 


To catch you up, amorphous extra-terrestrial beings that look like slithery Jellyfishes known as the “symbiote”, have been foolishly imported to Earth by a visionary biotech baron: Dr. Carlton Drake, played by Riz Ahmed, who if I may say, looked like he had a pole up his spine the entire time he was on screen. He paces around to show how terribly stressed and upset he is with his white-coated underlings who fail to carry out his crazy bidding  (how dare they?!) – does remind me a bit of Dexter.

The disgusting creatures need to merge parasitically with compatible human bodies to survive – not only do they survive they also boost their human host’s body powers to extraordinary levels.

The film starts off with a dramatic attack from an infected astronaut on an ambulance team. Apparently, the symbiote keeps passing itself around until it finds a compatible host, then it kills the carrier as soon as it leaves.

Eddie, the reporter who gets a wind of Dr. Dexter’s evil experiments, loses his fiancee and his job after he fails to provide proof of his allegations. When a ‘Miss Two Goody Shoe’ scientist lets him into the facility, he is infected by Venom and is shown to be a compatible host.

#1 “Goodbye, Eddie.”

After Eddie and his symbiote, Venom, save the world with a spaceship explosion, they both fall into the water and the latter even says goodbye as he is seemingly burned up in the fire. A while later, Eddie is sitting on the stoop of his ex-fiancee, Anne Weying’s home, and he hears the symbiote’s voice in his head. He doesn’t act surprised by this, which leads us to believe he knew Venom was in there all the while. I have to chalk this up to a cheap theater stunt. Common! We’ve seen this in every terrible amateur movie ever made! We saw what fire can do to a symbiote and we saw it burn it away from Eddie. How did Venom survive? The storytelling was downhill even before that, but this was so ridiculous it had to come first.

#2 “You and I will save the world, Eddie.”

I have no idea if these were the symbiote’s exact words because I stopped paying attention to the dialogue a short while into the movie, and only stayed to get my money’s worth on the popcorns. When the fantastic Venom first revealed himself to pathetic humanly Eddie, he revealed his kind would take over the world and blah blah, humans would be annihilated (yawns) – I guess he meant as carriers of the parasite though. But how in the world did Venom change his mind in about say…an hour? The next thing he was spilling was how he was a loser and would prefer to remain on earth – alone. Beats the imagination how a so-called alien would choose a world he’s barely seen over his in such a short time. Plus when I think of the sludgy easy to capture creatures the symbiote’s are without human hosts, I wonder how they communicated, how they fought and how they even managed to make enemies on their world. A bit too tricky.

#3 Eddie slurps coffee

The movie was so fantastically boring, that it took Eddie sitting on the stoop, drinking coffee, and looking like he’d been to hell and back, that I realized, wait, this movie is over! That was really the BIG FINISH. According to Tom Hardy (Eddie/Venom), the movie’s best 30-40 minutes was cut out. If that theater mess they released is truly Venom, if that is truly IT, I have to agree with Hardy – the best scenes never even had a chance.

#4 Venom can give Batman a run for his drab demeanor

Venom is one of the Marvel characters still owned by the Sony Corporation and not under the control of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Venom was first glimpsed in Spider-Man 3 and this cumbersome movie – so different from the genuinely funny Marvel films, feels like something that should be facing off with the humorless Batman. I was depressed halfway into the movie when I realized the climax was yet to come and wanted to bang my head on something after I realized it passed and I somehow missed it. The horror.

#5 Dare I say…unimpressive stunts?

I expected something spectacular after Venom revealed himself, but what I saw was an unimpressive and pathetic attempt to show how awesome Venom is – Hey, look, I’m super incredible! Look what I can do!  At some point, a jeep in pursuit had cornered Eddie who was on a bike, but the symbiote spread out in sticky gooey on the ground, wrapped a strong black fist around a pole, and swung Eddie round and round and round – LAME.

#6 Dear Eddie, you’re supposed to be a fugitive!

Eddie performed mighty stunts on the run from Dexter’s minions and left a trail of bodies not only in his home but on the streets as well. We saw the cops shooting at him after he transformed to Venom, but common! There had to be surveillance cameras that caught all that. Why is he still free at the end of the excruciating movie? He’s even visiting a prison facility?! Shouldn’t he either be in prison or on the run from the FBI agents who want to piece him apart to know exactly how he ticks? I mean, there’s a reason Spiderman wears a mask, right? Right? RIGHTTTTT?

With zero character development and plot instability, Venom gets 1 STAR.

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